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Haha Fuck Fresno Bitches [Nov. 8th, 2008|11:35 pm]
So yeah, I've been on myspace getting "dates", and it's true all girls on myspace are sluts. First I added every female in a five mile radius. Then I made a list of girls that would talk back and were interesting.

My goal was simple find a an awesome chick on the list. See what she's like in person, and take things from there.

What happened was, hangout a couple of times, get drunk and fuck our asses off, then never talk again. Haha

I don't know wtf, but I do know every time I've done this we've parted ways on good terms.

To make things even more interesting I actually managed to fuck a /b/tard. (that is a person that browses 4chan.org's image board /b/ for random) I'm not going in more in to that night. It was very memorable for sure.

Anyways I just finished my list and I'm done with that whole scene. Time to waste my time doing something else. Porn is free(thank you the internet) and I have soap the cleanest lady I'll ever know.